The Our Stories Podcast

Our Stories Podcast: Episode 51- Dr. Tim Cunningham

Episode Summary

Dr. Tim Cunningham is the Co-chief Well-being Officer and the Vice President of Practice and Innovation for Emory Healthcare. In this episode Dr. Cunningham shares about how witnessing his father’s burnout left an imprint on his life that has led him into the work of attending to the wellness of healthcare staff. He discusses former vocation in clown arts as compassionate activism around the globe and how his exposure to suffering led him into nursing. In his current vocation he brings all of the parts of himself together to offer support for our system in tending to matters of well being through multi-layered interventions. Dr. Cunningham shares the persons in his life who bring a sense of comfort and inspiration. He loves tending to his own wellness and supporting others and systems in these same endeavors. You might see him running barefoot around town! Take a listen!