The Our Stories Podcast

Our Stories Ep. 14 (Celia Lett)

Episode Summary

Today's podcast is a conversation with Celia Lett, a nurse practitioner who has been taking care of patients with cancer at Winship for 16 years. Celia has experience working with patients and families who have gone through bone marrow transplant, patients getting treated in the infusion center on Clifton Road in addition to work in the COVID clinic earlier in the pandemic. Caring for and about people is what brought Celia into nursing, and good relationships with colleagues and patients has kept her in the field for decades. In the podcast Celia shares her experience in Honduras, time she remembers fondly that she feels prepared her to always be ready "to put out fires." In order to maintain her own sense of wellbeing, Celia spends time outdoors gardening, and makes use of song and prayer. With a quick wit and easy laugh, Celia brings humor to her life and work daily because "you just have to" with all the challenges people face.

Episode Notes

Celia Lett

Nurse Practitioner, Infusion Services

Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University