The Our Stories Podcast

Our Stories Ep. 13 (Nicole Bansavage)

Episode Summary

Nicole Bansavage is the Unit Director at Winship’s EJCH and Buford campuses. In this episode, she shares how she learned compassion from her mom and dad, and how this is a driving force in her work with cancer patients. She explores how helping systems run smoothly makes a huge difference for patients in their coping with the cancer treatment journey. Caring for nurses is a huge part of Nicole’s work, contributing to the culture of compassion. She finds wellness in supporting her kids in baseball and gymnastics and in reading good books with her colleagues in their book club. Nicole is a life-long learner, nearly done with her doctorate in nursing. Take a listen!

Episode Notes

Nicole Bansavage 

Unit Director at Winship’s EJCH and Buford campuses