The Our Stories Podcast

Our Stories Ep. 12 (Dr. Fuad El Rassi)

Episode Summary

We had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Fuad El Rassi, assistant professor in HMO specializing in the treatment of patients with sickle cell disease. Dr. El Rassi shares his story of choosing medicine after witnessing the care his parents provided for his grandfather, an educator who taught and modeled the importance of taking care of other people. In the care of patients at Grady, Dr. El Rassi is mindful of the whole person who is dealing with sickle cell disease, and regularly thinks about getting to know his patients and their families to build trust and effect change. Maintaining wellness during a global pandemic, the social justice movement and the recent devastating explosion in Beirut is a real challenge at times, but Dr. El Rassi has developed strategies for wellbeing that he shares with us in this podcast. Special tribute is paid to his mentors, Dr. Fadlo Khuri and Dr. Jean Khoury, who not only provided education in hematology and oncology, but also in living well.

Episode Notes

Fuad El Rassi MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology

Emory University School of Medicine

Director of Sickle Cell Research, Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program

Grady Health System